Thing 13- Online Professional Development

Pirate of my Wild River!!! :)))

Pirate of my Wild River!!! by Denis Collette...!!!

The session I choose to attend from the K12 Online Conference was Steal This Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom by Mathew Needleman. His presentation tried to define the rules for copyright and fair use in the classroom. He also talked about using Creative Commons to find music and images that you can use. I don’t know if I really learned much from his presentation. I think everything he discussed I learned in Thing 10. I do think it was a very informative presentation, and he did a great job of explaining why we can’t just take music from our own CDs and show movies in our classrooms.

I could definitely see my coworkers getting useful information from the presentation. It could be useful to show the students the part about why we can’t go around just taking anything off the web. I have to say it was nice getting to attend this professional development anywhere and time that was convenient for me. I can see myself visiting this site again in the future.

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